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We, the Catholic Church of San Francisco,
in a communion of faith and charity
with the successor of Peter,
reach out and receive with welcoming arms
all of God’s people:
the saint and the sinner; the young and the elderly;
the poor and the rich; the immigrant and the native;
the lost sheep and those still searching
At this unique moment,
as we stand at the crossroad leading to the Third Millennium
we recognize ourselves as pilgrim people
called by God and empowered by the Spirit
to be disciples of Jesus Christ.
We pledge ourselves to be
a dynamic and collaborative community of faith
known for its quality of leadership
its celebration of the Eucharist
its proclamation of the Good News
its service to all in need
and its promotion of justice, life and peace.
Rich in diversity of culture and peoples
and united in faith, hope and love
we dedicate ourselves to the glory of God.
In this our mission
we each day seek holiness
and one day heaven.
A Journey of Hope Toward the Third Millennium,
The Pastoral Plan of the Pilgrim Church of San Francisco. December 1995