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Office of Development

The role of the Development Department is to help ensure that our parishes, schools, and service organizations have the funds they need to carry out their vital missions

The Department connects our caring, committed donors with the various ministries of the Archdiocese and greater Church and provides fund raising assistance and support to our parishes and schools. 

The Development Department offers the following services to our parishes, parishioners, and the Archdiocese: 

  • Assistance with Capital and Endowment campaigns
  • Coordinating the Priests Retirement Luncheon (St. John Vianney Luncheon)
  • Organization, management, and implementation of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal
  • Coordination and direction of the Archbishop’s Circle
  • Assistance with increasing regular parish income
  • Facilitating Planned Giving and Bequests
  • Assistance with identifying and soliciting Private Foundation support
  • Assistance with facilitating Stock donations
  • Oversight of school endowments

Please contact our Development Director, Rod Linhares, at 415-614-5581, anytime if you have any questions about a particular ministry and/or how to support it, if there is additional information we may provide, etc.      

Rod Linhares

Rod Linhares
Director of Development

Rod has a twenty-eight year career in fundraising, and he has worked extensively with the greater Church and several parishes in the Archdiocese. Rod believes that collaboration and a mission-driven focus are integral to an organization’s ability to support and assist those it serves, and he looks forward to helping address the goals of the Archdiocese and the individual parishes. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Notre Dame and a graduate degree in Finance from the University of San Francisco. A Bay Area native, Rod and his family are active members of St. Gregory Parish in San Mateo.

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