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Marriage Resources

"The whole history of mankind is the history of the need of loving and being loved. Marriage is a 'school of love'..."
    — Blessed John Paul II

St Paul says the union of man and woman to become 'one flesh' in marriage is a 'great mystery.' It is also a vocation - a call to live one's entire life in a particular way, devoted to the good of one's spouse. It is a life-long commitment to love, and to grow in love.

Like all vocations, those called to marriage benefit from ongoing enrichment, to deepen and strengthen their marriage bonds. The Archdiocese of San Francisco offers periodic workshops or other events for married couples. We are also associated with many programs in the Catholic Church to help strengthen the spouses love for each other. A list of resources can be found here.

Married couples often go through great difficulties in their marriage - sometimes these can seem so difficult as to threaten to literally tear the marriage apart. The diocese is also committed to providing as many resources as possible to help couples heal and strengthen their marriages. See here for some resources.

Please check back to these pages, as the list of opportunities and resources for married couples will be expanding in our archdiocese in the coming years. 

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