Worship Office Training

Training groupLay Liturgical Ministers in the Archdiocese are required to undergo sufficient training in their ministry so that they understand the theology of their call and the practicalities of their ministry.

The Office of Worship offers courses in each county at least once a year which discuss the Theology of the Eucharist as well as practical matters for Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Sick and Homebound. 

Persons who complete the two-day course are certified to serve in any parish within the Archdiocese of San Francisco for three years. 

Additionally, at the request of the pastor, a member of the Office of Worship staff will be happy to go to a parish to assist the parish ministers in a renewal and/or instruction in a number of ministries, including:

  • Readers
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Sick and Homebound
  • Servers
  • Cantors
  • Choir Members
  • Liturgy Committees

Key Dates

Sept. 23 &30 - Holy Name of Jesus Church, 1555  39th Ave., San Francisco

Oct. 21 & 28 - St. Charles Church, 880 Tamarack Ave., San Mateo

Nov. 11 &18 - St. Anselm Church, 97 Shady Ln., Ross

All ministers must contact their parish to receive the approval of their pastor before they can be certified.

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