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Ethnic Ministries

Since “The Catholic Church in the United States embraces the rich cultural pluralism of all the faithful, encourages the distinctive identity of each cultural group, and urges mutual enrichment”( National Directory for Catechesis, 2005), “for building up the body of Christ”(Eph.4:12) the office of Ethnic Ministries provide assistance to parishes and other archdiocesan agencies whenever necessary and appropriate to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the different cultures in the Archdiocese and for the relation between faith and culture.

At the present moment, there are 23 different ethnic groups that are connected with our office. They are: African Americans, Arabs, Asian Indians, Brazilians, Burmese, Chinese, Croatians, Filipinos, Haitians, Hispanics, Nigerians, Irish, Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Native Americans, Polish, Samoans, Slovenians, Tongans and Vietnamese. Some of these groups, like the Filipinos and Hispanics have a Vicar, who are Monsignors as their leader and some others have a Priest or Religious Sister to guide them.

The Office of Ethnic Ministries helps to affirm the presence and foster the sense of belonging of the different communities in the Archdiocese. They are particularly invited to participate in the special events of the local Church. Their contribution is highly valued.

The Office of Ethnic Ministries also promote cultural celebrations of the diverse communities, since Gaudium et Spes recognizes that there are many links between the message of salvation and culture… and that the Church has existed through the centuries in varying circumstances and has utilized the resources of different cultures in preaching to spread and explain the message of Christ, to examine and understand it more deeply, and to express it more perfectly in the liturgy and in various aspects of the life of the faithful.” (GS 53)