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Marriage and Family Life



"The future of the world and the Church passes through the family    Blessed John Paul II
God has designated the family to be an icon of Himself, of the Holy Trinity. The office of Marriage and Family Life strives to enrich the spiritual and personal relationships of every family: of the engaged, married, widowed or divorced; their children; single-parent families; and others in the family unit. 
Every ministry we offer seeks seek to promote the dignity of all persons, especially the most vulnerable. We do so believing that loving and just family relationships build up the Church, strengthen society, and glorify God.
One these pages you will find resources for marriage preparation, family planning, resources for married couples, and resources for those who are widowed or divorced.
God bless.
Mr. Ed Hopfner, Director of Marriage and Family Life Office
(415) 614-5680
The family is the first and fundamental school of social living: as a community of love.                                                                                            Blessed John Paul II
The family is the first and indispensable teacher of peace.      Pope Benedict XVI