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What is a vocation?
Vocation is the human response to life and God’s call to engage in the world. Vocation calling can be as a single, married person, or religious life. Vocation is also what you "do" with your life as you continually journey towards God.

What do you mean by Religious Life?
Since all the baptized share a common relationship with God, all are called to be ‘religious’ or holy in the
broad sense of the word. Some men and women, however, choose to live a particular lifestyle called religious life. These people join in a community of people that follows a specific tradition or spirituality patterned after the life and teaching of the founder of that community. Many religious profess vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 


Where can I find some great articles on Priesthood and Religious Life?
Articles on Priesthood and Religious Life

What is a Sister?
A sister is a woman who is a member of a particular religious community, lives the vows and is involved in serving others.

What is a Religious Brother?
A brother is a male member of a religious community. He, too, professes vows and is involved in a variety of ministries, though he does not administer sacraments as an ordained minister.

What is an Diocean Priest vs. a Priest of a Religious Order?
A diocesan priest lives and ministers in a particular geographic area called a diocese, which is governed by a bishop. He does not belong to a religious community or order. He lives celibately and promises obedience to the bishop. Through ordained ministry, a priest proclaims God’s word and celebrates the sacraments.

A priest of Religious Orders (such as Dominican, Franciscan or Jesuit) is one who is a member of a religious community in the same way that brothers and sisters belong to a particular religious community. Unlike the brother or sister, he can administer sacraments as an ordained minister. He is not, as such, a minister of a particular diocese but can be involved in a variety of ministries in many different places.

What is a Novice?
The word novice means ‘new’. This is the first stage for someone who is joining a religious community. Novitiate is the name given to the process as well as the place where novices live.

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