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Is God Calling You?

It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you. 

Tu no me has elegido.  Yo te he elegide a ti.

- John 15:16

God, our Father, In Your providential love, You cal each of us to a more holy and abundant life.  We pray for our young people in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  Open their hearts and minds to know the vocation You have planned for them for all eternity.  If they are being invited to follow You as a Priest, Brother, or Sister, give them a generous heart to respond to Your challenging call; the strength to follow whereever You lead them.  May families desire to please You by encouraging and supporting vocations within their home.  We ask this all through Jesus Christ, our Good Shepard.  Amen.

Searching for your life's calling? Let be your guide. The religious vocation discernment guide. An interactive vocation match service is available. Fill out a profile and match it against the profiles of hundreds of Religious communities to help narrow your vocation search. Website has: community search, opportunity postings, blog index, webcasts, seasonal podcasts, bilingual resources.

Vocations: How Is God Calling Me?

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Just Might You be a Candidate for Religious Life?

Commentary - by Dan Morris-Young
(April 11, 2008 Catholic San Franicsco newspaper)

Do you for someone you know have a potential vocation to the religious life? Hey, you just might have a calling if:
• When friends need someone “just to talk to,” it is usually you.
• When you and your buddies are standing around a Harley Davidson and, being transformed by its fabulous rumble, you wonder why God made us that way.
• When a friend asks you how far he or she thinks he or she “should go” on the next date, you say, “As far as you know God wants you to go – and you aren’t God.”
• You experience a strong desire to find a way to make fellow Catholics take a “time out” and go sit in a corner until they can be nicer when you see them at each others’ throats over things like celibacy or the Tridentine Mass or holding hands during the Our Father.
• You watch endless commercials about cars, perfume and tennis shoes – and find yourself wondering, “Where is God these days?”
• When you see pastoral appointments in your diocesan newspaper, you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.
• You stop people mid-sentence to correct them about the Blessed Mother – that we venerate Mary, not worship her; and you know the difference.
• The sight of Necco Wafers floods you with memories of “playing Mass” when you were 8.
• When you pray, you have confidence that not only is Someone listening, but that Someone is going to do something about it.
• At family events chances are you will be the one asked to say grace.
• When you are alone, you rarely feel lonely.
• You find it hard – but intriguing – to try to wrap your mind around the concept of making a vow of obedience to someone you’ve only seen at confirmations.
• Almost every Sunday you wonder how, with all those people attending Mass, the readings were chosen just for you.
• Your heroes are people who quietly and selflessly help others, giving God the credit.
• The idea of going to school to learn something just to see how much money you can make seems wacky.
• Given the option, you’d drive extra miles to shop at St. Vincent de Paul rather than Value Village.
• When you ponder the question, “Is a religious vocation a calling from God or a calling from the Catholic community?” you know the answer: “Yes.”