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Catholic Education Endowment

Your endowment is a gift that provides a stable source of economic support in perpetuity for the endowment’s beneficiary. When you establish an endowment, the money you give becomes a permanent investment for the school(s), with the annual interest from that investment providing financial resources to support an area of need you choose. Many of our Elementary and High Schools have endowments and there is an Archdiocese-wide educational endowment that helps many students meet tuition costs so they can experience Catholic education.

An endowment is a great opporunity for you and the school(s) you wish to benefit. Your desire to leave your legacy for future students will give you the knowledge that your gift will go to provide perpetual support for Catholic education and you or your estate will receive the tax benefits that come with making this donation. Additionally, you honor someone through the naming of your provided endowment. You gain much, while the recipient receives a neeeded source of revenue and all are assured that there will be financial resources for the future of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese.

Your gift – alone or combined with the gifts of others – can provide a lasting and much needed financial resource for your Catholic alma mater or for Catholic education across the Archdiocese.

For more information concerning current endowments or how you may contribute to an endowment, please contact the Office of Development at (415) 614-5580 or at