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Giving to your Parish

Stewardship calls us to recognize that all of creation is a gift from God. As stewards, we recognize God as the source of all that we are and all we possess. Therefore, we are responsible to use the gifts that God has entrusted to us in gratitude to God in everything we do. When we apply stewardship principles to everything we do in our daily lives, we put our faith into practice. We participate in God’s Kingdom here on earth and help carry out Jesus’ work.

Your local parish is the central location where you practice being a steward of the gifts God has granted you. Are you involved in the life of your parish? When you participate in your parish, you are helping to build the Kingdom of God here on earth starting right in your own neighborhood. You help build the Kingdom by joining a parish organization, volunteering with ministries operated by the parish, enrolling in an educational program or giving financially to meet the needs of the parish. As you give, you join with others in your parish doing the work of the Church and ministering to those in your community and beyond. God wants each of us to do our part.

Be an active part of the faith that enriches your life each and every day. Get involved and help others build their faith while renewing yours! Stewardship is your way of showing gratitude for all God has given you.

For more information, contact your local parish to see how you can be a good steward in your community.