California Catholic Conference: Prop. 1 Passage Devastating for Women, Children, and Families in California

The California Catholic Conference released the following statement in response to the passage of Proposition 1:

“The passage of Prop. 1 is devastating for women, children, and families in California.

“Prop. 1 has opened the door to unregulated, late-term abortions, all at taxpayer expense, redirecting state funding away from solutions for the greatest needs of California families.

“Prop. 1 does not solve any of the underlying personal challenges that women cite as reasons for choosing abortion—intimate partner violence, housing insecurity, inadequate access to healthcare, insufficient paid leave, childcare opportunities, or having no one in their lives able to accompany them through pregnancy and parenting.

“Time and truth go hand in hand. The reckless language and realities of Prop. 1 will be realized in due time, and we look forward to fighting again to protect life when Prop 1 is inevitably challenged in the courts.

“While Prop 1 politicians celebrate their political gain, the pro-life community will continue doing what we always do—accompanying women and families in their most difficult moments with life-affirming resources and support. Every day, hundreds of California women facing an unexpected pregnancy look for support in our great state. The pro-life community is there for them through our network of resource centers, pregnancy clinics, maternity homes, and call centers.

“The Catholic community in California invites you to join us through our We Were Born Ready campaign to educate Californians on ways to support and advocate for women in crisis pregnancy situations in our communities. And we continue to pray for our state and the countless lives lost to abortion.”