Saint Mary's Cathedral - San Francisco

Cathedral of Saint Mary
Job Description of the Sacristan of the Cathedral
Status: Non-Exempt Supervisor: Lead Sacristan Salary: N4
The vision presented here is in keeping with the philosophy of our Cathedral to foster, enhance
and maintain the dignity of this mother church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The task of
the staff of this Cathedral therefore, is to strive to project this exemplary image in terms of
gracefulness, beauty and scholarship.
The Sacristan will be responsible for the following:
1. Some Weekday & All Weekend Masses and Special events: Set-up, take down, other
duties as needed.
2. Taking care of the Sacristy:
a. Vestment closets
b. Sacristy safe: sacred vessels, microphones and liturgical articles
c. Flower prep room
d. Altar servers closet
e. Auxiliary room in upper sacristy
f. Help keep all Sacristy rooms tidy and well kept
3. Planning and managing the liturgical supplies: Placing orders on regular basis upon
the knowledge and approval of the Liturgy Director, your immediate supervisor.
4. Produce the liturgical ministers schedule in consultation with the Liturgy Director or
Lead Sacristan
He/She will also be responsible for:
1. The cleanliness of the main lobby vestibule, main floor, elevator, pews, marble floor
sanctuary, Organ area, stairs, banisters, and landing, glass and brass, shrines, chapel,
and confessionals.
2. Watering and care of plants in the Cathedral, removal of dead arrangements and
plants as needed.
Responsibilities related to Masses and Special events
1. Maintain all liturgical vessels, making sure all are clean and polished.
2. Check to be sure all vestments are properly maintained (launder, iron, dry clean as
3. Oversee the changing of banners for liturgical celebrations according to the liturgical
seasons. Maintain candle at tabernacle shrine.
4. Set-up for all Masses and clean/prep for Mass the following day. Masses will include
but will not be limited to Weddings, Funerals, Confirmations, Ordinations, and other
special events.
a. Set up Sanctuary (mics, cross, altar cloths, lights, candles).
b. Prepare Credence Table or tray (Bread, Wine and Water Cruets, Chalice,
Paten, Corporal, Pall, Purificator, Lavabo, Towel, handwash water, hand
c. Prepare books (Sacramentary, Lectionary, Book of the Chair.)
d. Prepare all liturgical vessels for Mass.
e. Turn on the sound system.
f. Determine the number of ciboria and hosts needed and set up hosts and
wine. Consult with presider or event organizer as needed.
g. Set up vestments for priests and deacons.
h. Prepare incense and processional candles.
i. Between Masses put things in order and set up for the next Mass.
j. Distribute collection baskets & assign roles to ushers, prepare collection
bags. If there is a special collection place envelopes where needed.
k. Place parish bulletins out after each Mass and retrieve before next Mass.
l. Bring out gift table and cloth.
m. Select and assign Gift bearers as needed
n. Help select ushers in absence or tardiness of Head Ushers: oversee
collection: oversee the placing of collection bags in safe, prepare written
report for collection.
o. Help set up and clean up for Baptisms
p. Set up for the first Mass on Monday.
5. At times, the Sacristan will need to fulfill the duties of other ministers, such as lector,
extraordinary minister of communion, usher, greeter, etc…
6. Christmas, Easter holidays are required. Advent and Lent preparations and liturgies.
7. Assist at First Friday exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and closing liturgy.
8. Other duties may apply.
1. For Sacristy responsibilities: Lead Sacristan
2. All Maintenance duties: Cathedral Maintenance Supervisor
Please submit cover letter, resume and a completed application to Mark Silva, Business Operations Manager via
All employees of the Archdiocese of San Francisco shall be employed without regard to race, color, sex, ethnic or
national origin and pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, will consider for employment qualified
applicants with criminal history