DJ Bernal

Mission Statement

I believe all people can be transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I believe young people can move past the temptations of their generation through holiness and be examples of purity for the church and the world. 

I believe college students and young adults are the next church and ministry leaders and have the power to evangelize with their lives.

I believe adults can overcome the obstacles of life in the peace, prosperity and freedom that has been purchased for them through the cross.​  

I show this belief by preaching, teaching, facilitating and creating ministry growth/leadership learning tools through social and in-person medias to all. 


Daniel Bernal Jr. (D.J.) routinely travels the United States to minister to audiences of all ages. He preaches at conferences (Steubenville Youth/Young Adult/Adult, etc.) and retreats, hosts a national young adult TV show called Theology on Tap, is the Director of Evangelization of Young Catholic Professionals San Antonio, and creates vlogs and spiritual growth videos on multiple platforms. 

D.J. received his BA in Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations. Since then, he has earned credentialing as a Master Trainer, Performance Consultant, Expert Coach (Life/Business/Ministry) with a certificate in Change Management through the Association of Talent Development. Additionally, he is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt through the University of Texas at San Antonio and is currently serving in a leadership development role at a multi-billion dollar health system with over 8,300 employees in San Antonio, Texas. 


Daniel Bernal Jr. (D.J.) attended church throughout his childhood and knew the importance of his Catholic faith, but failed relationships and other discouraging life experiences left a deep void in his heart. While attending a Steubenville conference in 2008, D.J. realized his need for a genuine and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Aligning perfectly with Proverbs 19:21, many were the plans in D.J.’s heart, but it was the Lord’s purpose that prevailed. Since having a real, life-changing experience with Jesus Christ, D.J. has had the great privilege to minister to both middle school and high school students; as well as to young adults and adult groups. This ministry has focused on “Relationship.” D.J. preaches and teaches on the necessity of obtaining a real relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 8:38-39), and the need to have healthy, lasting relationships with others. Standing upon the charge of the Apostle Paul to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:5), D.J. has committed himself to “endure every hardship, do the work of an evangelist, and fulfill the duties of the ministry” that Jesus has given him.