Restorative Justice

A ministry of presence

We provide people affected by crime, victims and offenders within our communities support to heal through prayer, prevention, intervention, and guidance. We believe that peace and justice are attainable when both parties receive the services needed to heal and advance themselves within our society.

We advocate for justice and promote peace as we serve.

We advocate for peace and justice through our services:


We conduct prayer services for families of homicide victims at crime sites.
We accompany families during and after the funeral.
We coordinate healing circles for crime survivors and the family members of homicide victims.
We offer interfaith spiritual retreats for families of crime victims.
We support Victims’ Rights Week conferences.
We offer crime survivors assistance training.
We support legislation, public policies and programs that address the needs of crime survivors.

We support legislation, public policies and programs that address the needs of prisoners.
We provide services to improve prospects for former inmates reintegrating into society.
We train volunteers and support clergy who care for the spiritual needs of those in jail and prisons.
We write to prisoners with no families through Prison Pen Pal programs.
We support children of mothers and fathers in prison through special events.

We support victim-and-offender dialogues and mediation.
We support prayer walks and marches for community peace and healing.
We provide Restorative Justice and Practices training, retreats, and conferences for healing.
We support Restorative Justice and Practices community organizing.
We support Restorative Justice Practices in schools.
We support Restorative Justice Parent and Teen training.
We support coalitions and networks to prevent violence.
We advocate for legislation and public policies that help reduce violence in local communities.

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Restorative Justice Ministry
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