St. Veronica hosts two-night parish healing mission on Divine Mercy and St. Michael the Archangel

Father Peter Prusakiewicz, a member of the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel, brought the message of Divine Mercy and St. Michael the Archangel to St. Veronica church parishioners for a two-night healing mission on June 6 – 7. Each evening included a healing Mass, Eucharistic adoration and  a blessing with a first-class relic of St. Faustina.

On the first night of the mission, Father Prusakiewicz spoke on St. Faustina and Divine Mercy. Through God’s Divine Providence, he served as chaplain to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw, Poland, where St. Faustina started her religious life. Through his work there, he learned more about her life.

He referred to the mystic as “ordinarily extraordinary.” She was an ordinary person who partook of the everyday things in life—whether it be her love of chocolate or participating in the work of the convent with the other sisters. But within her ordinary life, she was gifted with an extraordinary mission and intimacy with Christ. The sisters said she would be working with them on a project and disappear for a few minutes and then return. It was in these moments that she would take a few minutes to go into the chapel, smile at the tabernacle, and then return to her duties.

Fr. Prusakiewicz reminded the faithful that Jesus would refer to St. Faustina as His secretary—and that responsibility did not end on earth; rather, she still is close to Him in heaven as His secretary there, asking for His intercession and offering us help.

St. Faustina also had a connection with St. Michael the Archangel. The first portrait of the Divine Mercy image was displayed in the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Vilnius, Poland. More importantly, St. Michael appeared to St. Faustina on Sept. 29, 1936 and told her that she was hated by the devil because of her closeness to Christ and her great mission of spreading Divine Mercy. St Faustina was told by our Lord to fear not because He had ordered St. Michael the Archangel to take special care of her. She would feel his presence and assistance throughout her life.

Both nights the Church was full and confessions continued throughout the evening.