Visiting Clergy

Letter of Good Standing Templates

  1. A Letter of Good Standing printed on Diocese or Provincial letterhead stationery and embossed with their Seal is required, whenever a visiting priest is expected for one-time ministry, supply ministry, or overnight visits (no ministry) within the boundaries of the Archdiocese. 
  2. The Archdiocese of San Francisco requires a current and specifically worded Letter of Good Standing (LGS), to include effective dates, location, being able to work with minors, and purpose of their visit from the visitor’s Provincial or Bishop (see sample form below). You may forward by email the sample LGS form on to your visiting priest when you are making initial arrangements with him.  Ask him to forward the form to his Bishop or Provincial to be completed and signed. 
  3. A copy of the signed LGS should then be emailed back to you/your staff and emailed to Vicar for Clergy, Fr. Spyrow at [email protected].  Once Fr. Spyrow reviews the Letter of Good Standing, he will stamp it with his “Approval”, granting temporary faculties or “Not Approved”.  A copy of the Letter of Good Standing will be sent to the parish the priest is visiting and the Dioceses or provincial with his decision.

If there are any questions, please contact the Office of the Vicar for Clergy at 415-614-5611.

Office of the Vicar for Clergy

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