Excell Network – Reentry Scholarship Program

Restoring Dignity to People Returning Home from Prison

Our Mission

We restore dignity to people returning home from prison by providing scholarship stipends to empower students to achieve academic and career goals.

Catholic Restorative Justice Documents


The Excell Breakfasts have made it possible for me to be able to connect with other students with similar backgrounds to mine.
  DAISY GONZALEZExcell Network Student
Excell Network blessed me with the resources to keep learning. I do not believe that I would have been able to come this far through the nightmare of parole and reintegrating into society without the support from Excell Network.
  JOSEPH KRAUTERExcell Network Student
The Excell Network breakfast is a time for fellowship, networking, and unification.
  NICOLE BRONSONExcell Network Student
Our Restorative Justice breakfasts are an essential part of the Excell Network family because it creates a supportive community that fosters unity and solidarity.
  KRIS SOSAExcell Network Student
I reconnect with my love for becoming a better person, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically
  JACKY BROWNExcell Network Student
I would like to commend the Excell Network for its continued success and remind everyone that God’s work is perpetual and much is left to be done.
  MIGUEL INFANTEExcell Network Student
The Restorative Justice Breakfast gives me hope. I thank God for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me which includes being a part of the community that continues to grow at the Restorative Justice Breakfasts.
  OMAR BREEDLOVEExcell Network Student
Every month, I look forward to attending Excell’s bi-monthly breakfasts because I am able to interact with friends and meet the most compassionate empathetic people.
  JESSY MARTINEZExcell Network Student

If you would like to volunteer or complete an internship
with the program, please contact Julio Escobar.
Email: [email protected] – Phone: (415) 614-5572