Singer Kaya Jones will speak at the 20th Annual Walk for Life West Coast on Jan. 20.

Former Pussycat Doll to speak at Walk for Life

By Valerie Schmalz

Being chosen out of 2,000 other girls auditioning to be a member of the popular Pussycat Dolls seemed like a dream come true to teen-aged Kaya Jones.

But the dream had a dark underside, and today, Jones, an independent singer, says she was trapped in the system. Forced at 19 to have an abortion or lose her job, Kaya Jones was singing on stage in concert while hemorrhaging from her second abortion. She looked out at two adoring little girls in the audience, and decided she had to find a way out. “The younger one said, ‘Mom, she is a Pussycat Doll.’ She was so enamored. I felt convicted in my spirit. I was in the process of losing my child. What was I conveying to young women? That was God moving in my life.”

Kaya Jones first shared her story about her multiple abortions in a Twitter post in 2018 and told her story on camera in a January 2023 Students for Life of America Speak Out interview.  

In Israel to help women and children over Christmas.

On Jan. 20, those attending the Walk for Life West Coast rally at Civic Center in San Francisco will have the opportunity to hear Kaya Jones speak. Her goal is to reach and help young women in particular, but her heart breaks for men who are also suffering after abortion, she said.

“The only way you get through it is to give it to God,” Jones said.

As someone who has had abortions, Jones said she understands.

“It is OK to be angry,” Jones said, noting very low self-esteem and PTSD are common abortion after effects. She said believes there is what she calls an “abortion demon” whose goal is to take women’s babies. In the last couple of years, Jones said she prays constantly, fasts and listens to the Holy Spirit.

After her father’s business dealings ended up with him going to federal prison when Jones was 11, she somehow found herself signing a music development contract at 12 to help her family financially. Those early years, she said there was nothing untoward in her early career in the music industry. 

Even so, Jones had one abortion at 16—with no idea what it was, she remembers. Then another at 19, and another at 29 after being date raped by an old boyfriend.

For young girls who are pregnant and considering abortion, Jones has a message.

“I want them to hear from someone who is 39,” Jones said. “I regret every single day the three children I did not have. I am the parent of three dead children.”

In Israel distributing ‘dignity kits’ to women and children (Twitter feed)

“Listen to my story. Take heed to the reality of my story,” said Jones, who just returned from 24 days on a mission trip to help women and children in Israel. She is now working to support women in dignity and to offer healing through Christ to women and men who have had abortions.

Jones is releasing a new album this year and she has written a song for young women who are pregnant and for preborn babies, “Breathe Into Me”.

“The inspiration was that God has written our story before we came here,” Jones said quoting Psalm 139, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

“Our very breathing is controlled by Adonai,” Jones said. “With that song, it was just meant to show young women how important it is to choose life. You can be successful and be a Mom. Even if you are scared; it is OK to be scared. It is just a chapter…if you walk through it, you can do it.”